Fr. German’s Message September 16th 2018 Mission Appeal Statement For the Catholic Education of Children in the Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon

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    Fr. German’s Message

Mission Appeal Statement

For the Catholic Education of Children in the Diocese of Kumbo, Cameroon


On September 22nd and 23rd we will welcome Fr Emmanuel Lon Fale to our Parish. He will preside all Weekend Masses to speak about the Mission of Propagation of the Faith of the Catholic Church.

In all Masses we will have a second collection to support the mission of education of the children in the dioceses of Kumbo, Cameroon.

Thank you for your warm welcome to Fr Emmanuel and thank you for your generosity.

Have a great week.

Fr. Germán L.A. September 16th 2018


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). This is most true of Cameroon, and the Church in Kumbo has taken the Elementary Education of all children in her territory as a most important missionary task. With an illiteracy rate of above 30%, poverty (with the majority living below the poverty line), poor health facilities, bad governance with the highest rate of bribery and corruption, disease and famine, poor communication network, the gap between the rich and the poor is very remarkable. In all these areas, education is the only potent weapon to bring people out of the dungeon of slavery and marginalization. The rich people want to keep the majority without education to control them with ease. The wealth of the country remains in the hands of the view politicians who remain in power for decades without lifting a finger to improve on the infrastructure or institution of the country.

The danger is more acute with the infiltration of extremists from Islam and Christian sects. The extremists from Islam have an agenda to get married to Christian girls thereby turning them to Muslims, or by providing some humanitarian services with the intention of converting all to Islam – the extremists. There is a danger here which the world may fail to see now until it happens. North Africa was all Christian until the conquest by Islam. If the extremists control all of Africa, the whole world would be in danger because they would now have a convenient terrain and territory from where they would carry out the atrocities on mankind. A way to combat this is to give the Christians the opportunity to do what the fanatic Moslems intend to do before they ever get there: build schools and churches; provide pipe borne water, good health care facilities, and most importantly, educate the young to stand up against evil in all forms.

The Christian sects teach the prosperity gospel and hate. Their pastors try to convince them that they can pray for healing and get it without the physicians’ assistant. This can be the case, but not always and so we need to equally teach that it is a miracle for the physician to discover one’s illness and treat it. Since these sects use the media a lot, the Catholic Church of the diocese of Kumbo has established the Radio Evangelium as means of spreading the Good News and combating wrong doctrines. This is one the most important projects in the Diocese, the means to furnish it with adequate equipment are not there. We would be very grateful to accept a donation of radio equipment for the Radio Evangelium in the Diocese of Kumbo. Education remains at the center of every effort the diocese is making toward the curbing of ignorance from among the people.

The education of one child in the Kinder Garden and Primary School at $200.00 a year marks a big leap forward. This includes tuition, books, and uniforms. Kinder Garden is two years and Primary School is six years. What this means is that with $1,600.00, a child would complete both Nursery and Primary schools. What a wonderful privilege! Help the Church in the Diocese of Kumbo to subsidize this cost to make basic education affordable and available to all children within her area. May your generosity and kindness find favor in the eyes of Our Lord who mandated his Church to “Go ye, therefore, and teach all the nations …” (Mk16:15).

Education will also prevent rural-exodus whereby the adult youths think that it is better in the cities. When they get there, they are taken hostage by the rich people who treat them as slaves or use the girls as prostitute to raise money for themselves. Some of them even get sold abroad as prostitutes. The young ones are very happy and always happy with the little they have as can be seen in the pictures below. However, when they grow to maturity, their needs go beyond merely having a meal a day to satisfying their other curiosities and/or emotional drives. The girl-child will easily fall prey to anyone offering such necessities as food, clothing and shelter even before realizing the danger inherit therein.

A lot is being achieved as more and more children are beginning to get an education. There are evidences that a lot of them come back to help their communities. In this way, the effort remains sustainable such that soon, remote villages will have their own indigenous sons and daughters coming back to develop their own communities. More and more villages are getting clean water, good health facilities, good school and church buildings to facilitate education and catechesis, and some villages are getting the solar panels for the supply of electricity.

Our Mission Appeal is to enable us carry out any of the above-mentioned projects.

Thank you!

Fr Emmanuel Lon Fale

Mensaje del P. Germán

Cooperación misionera.

Educación católica de niños en la diócesis de Kumbo, Camerún

El 22 y 23 de septiembre recibiremos en nuestra parroquia al Padre Emmanuel Lon Fale que presidirá todas las misas del fin de semana. Hablará sobre la Misión de la Propagación de la fe en la Iglesia Católica.

En todas las misas tendremos una segunda colecta para ayudar la misión de educación de niños en la diócesis de Kumbo, Camerún.

Feliz semana.

P. Germán, 16 de septiembre del 2018


“Nuestro llamamiento a la misión es para la Educación Católica de Niños en la Diócesis de Kumbo, Camerún

-Camerún se encuentra en África Central limitando al norte con Chad, al sur con Gabón, Congo,  Guinea Ecuatorial; en el oeste con Nigeria en el Oeste y este con la República Centroafricana en el Este. Camerún está al lado del Océano Atlántico.


-Existen dos Camerún, uno de habla inglesa (anglófonos) que compone el 20% de la población (grupo minoritario) y otro de habla francesa (francófonos) que compone el 80% de la población. Camerún tiene dos idiomas oficiales, inglés y francés. Ambas partes recibieron la independencia, pero a los anglófonos no se les otorgó la soberanía de un país, por lo que se les pidió que votaran o bien en la parte perteneciente a Nigeria, que era un territorio británico, o bien en el territorio francés. Nuestros líderes votaron por pertenecer al Camerún francófono. Desde entonces, el gobierno considera a los anglófonos como ciudadanos de segunda clase y la minoría de habla inglesa ha sido marginada. Se han confiscado muchos recursos y todo lo que solía estar en su lugar (el sistema federal, la ley común del sistema judicial, el banco de Camerún, los aeropuertos, los puertos marítimos, etc. han dejado de existir en el lado de habla inglesa. Ahora, tenemos un levantamiento.


-La Crisis actual, los homicidios, las violaciones, las mutilaciones, la brutalidad, el saqueo de propiedades, los refugiados, la quema de aldeas y hogares y, en general, el genocidio que está ocurriendo actualmente hacen que atacar el problema del rezago educativo sea necesario resolverlo hoy más que nunca. La mayoría de los problemas se deben a la ignorancia y la alta tasa de analfabetismo de los militares que obedecen órdenes inmorales de matar a sus conciudadanos. Necesitamos controlar la ignorancia porque la alfabetización es el poder que permite a las personas defender sus derechos.


- Los líderes dominan a las masas porque no tienen una buena educación o no están educados en absoluto. Entonces, los extremistas en el Islam se están aprovechando de la situación al otorgar algunas ayudas básicas a las personas empobrecidas para tenerlos de su lado. Los extremistas musulmanes tienen una agenda oculta para casarse con niñas cristianas y convertirlas al Islam y de esa manera controlar toda África y, desde allí, controlar todo el mundo. Sólo la educación puede resolver el problema.


La tasa de analfabetismo es alta, y el gobierno quiere que las cosas continúen así para controlar más fácilmente a la población. La situación es más crítica en los pequeños poblados. De hecho, en algunas aldeas, la tasa de analfabetismo llega al 70%. Usted no verá esto reportado en ningún lado. Los medios presentarán una buena imagen porque no hay libertad de expresión. La única forma de resolver nuestros problemas es subsidiar los aranceles escolares para los pobres. Se necesitan $200 para colocar a un niño en el Jardín de Infantes por un año, y $200 para colocar a un niño en la Escuela Primaria durante un año. El Jardín de Niños dura dos años y la Escuela Primaria 6 años. Se necesitan $1,600 para que un niño un pueda ir a la escuela durante 8 años. Gracias de antemano por su generosidad. Dios le bendiga y le multiplique.

Fr Emmanuel Lon Fale