Celebration of Lou Ollivier’s life (2 and half years old) Los Angeles, March 4th 2017

posted Mar 9, 2017, 11:05 AM by German Sanchez

Celebration of Lou Ollivier’s life

Los Angeles, March 4th 2017

1st Reading:  Love never disappear (Henri Scott)

 Psalm :22 (23)

2º Reading: the letter of Saint Paul to the Thessalonians 4, 13-14.17d-18

Gospel: Saint John 14,1-6


There is a question that has been haunting me since Monday morning, when I learned that Lou had left us.

Many of us probably have been asking ourselves that same question:


I think that none of the answers we may find through our desire to understand are going to be satisfactory. We don’t have a human, acceptable answer to this question.

We can’t avoid this question, but I think that we have to ask it with peaceful, hopeful and grateful. hearts

So I had to search through prayer, in the silence of this church and in the Holy Bible for a word of hope. I needed to find in my faith a light of hope that I could share with you today.

Before God, I asked the same question: 


Why did we have the enormous joy of meeting Lou in our lives?

Why did Lou come into this world to live in Thierry, Maïa, Marin and Tom’s family?

Why did she gather us here today?

Why are we here today?

Lou changed our lives.

She taught us that the most important thing is to love, every day, at every moment: To love without restraint, to smile, and enjoy life with others because life is short and the only reason for our existence is the love that we receive and the love that we give.

Lou’s heart was full of love and she shared it with her parents, her brothers, her grandparents, her God-parents and with all those she met during her journey on earth.

Her life was very short, but every minute we shared with her remains engraved on our hearts and in our memories.

Thank you Lou for been an angel among us.


 Fr. Germán